What to Bring to a First Meeting with an Injury Attorney

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In a first meeting with an injury attorney, you should bring as much information as you have about your case. You should also bring any questions you would like to ask. To meet with an experienced Aiken injury attorney, call (803) 220-0000 or message The Law Office of Taylor S. Braithwaite now.

Your First Meeting with an Injury Attorney

When you meet with an injury attorney for the first time, you’re looking for the answers to several questions:

Do I have a legal claim?

Should I file a legal claim?

Are you the right attorney to handle my case?

The information that you bring to your consultation is the information that will help you answer these questions.

What if I don’t have all the information when I meet with an injury attorney for the first time?

Meeting with an injury attorney for the first time is only the start of your case.

You’re not going to have every possible piece of information or evidence needed for your claim. You’re not expected to. It’s the job of your attorney to build on the information that you have and pursue your claim.

As you look through our checklist of things to bring to your consultation, remember that you’re not going to have everything, and that’s okay. Just bring what you have. Anything that you can provide will help your attorney see a complete picture of the circumstances and further build the evidence in your case.

From The Law Office of Taylor S. Braithwaite, here’s a list of things to bring to a first meeting with an injury attorney.

10 Things to Bring to a First Meeting with an Injury Attorney

Medical records and information

The basis of any injury claim is physical injury. Medical records document your diagnosis, your prognosis and the treatment that you have received. Bring any records you have, including both the fact that you were seen for treatment and what care you received. If you have bills or explanations of benefits statements, bring them. In addition, if you have previous injuries, any documentation you have can be helpful to your attorney.

The police report and other reports

If there was a police report or traffic accident report, it can be a helpful starting point to further investigate your case. Law enforcement may have given you a police report number that you can use to make a request. Bring any other incident reports that you have. If the injury happened at a business, for example, and you made a report, bring a copy. If the fire department responded, they may have made an incident report.

Witness information

Witnesses may testify to many aspects of the case. Their testimony may explain who was at fault and that the accident caused your injuries. They may testify about your suffering and lifestyle impact. If you have names and contact details for anyone who may know the case, bring this information with you to your first meeting with an attorney. Don’t worry about whether the witnesses would ultimately be called if the case were to go to trial. Just bring the information so that your attorney can follow up.

Insurance information

Bring the name of your insurance company and your policy information. If you know the other party’s insurer, bring their information, too. If you reported the injury or filed an insurance claim, bring the claim number and records of any contact with insurance representatives.


If you or someone else took photographs, bring them. It’s okay if they’re on your phone for now. Photographs of the accident scene and injuries can be admissible in court, and they can help your injury attorney evaluate your case.

Pain diary

An injury case is about making you whole for the harm that you have suffered.

That includes the physical pain you endure. If you have been keeping records of your pain and how your injuries impact your life from day to day, bring your pain diary when you meet with your attorney.

Employment information, pay stubs, wage loss records

Personal injury often impacts your employment. Bring any records that document lost income, including pay stubs, records of earnings and verification that you have missed work. Your attorney can help you get more detailed information, but it’s a starting point for determining your wage loss and earning capacity compensation.

Property damage losses, vehicle repair costs

If there was damage to your personal property, like a vehicle, equipment or personal items, bring documentation with you. If you have taken photographs or there are repair estimates, these items can help verify your losses. In addition, evidence of property damage may help prove the personal injury accident and that it resulted in physical harm.

Your contact information

Your attorney is going to work hard on your behalf. They need to know how to reach you. Bring your address, phone number and email. Be sure to update this information if it changes during the case.

Facts about the incident, your questions, notes and thoughts

A first meeting with an injury attorney is the opportunity to learn about your case and the attorney who may be representing you. The attorney will ask you to talk about what happened. They want to hear your story, in your own words.

Don’t worry about legalese or saying the right things. It’s an open conversation where you both can talk about the case. Bring the questions that you want answered, any notes you have taken, your thoughts and your concerns. Your attorney is there to help you and guide you throughout the case.

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